Establishment of Oracle DAO

Oracle means a prophetic machine, as DAO is a decentralized organization. Our founding team created Oracle DAO with the intention of gathering talented people from all over the world who support DAO to create an integrated community for each member in the new world of Web 3.0, and to combine their strengths to distribute their resources and talents worldwide to benefit each community member through the power of the group.
With the main development intention of "DAO everything with Oracle DAO", in 2020, it began to contemplate the idea of " DEFI", and in 2021, the development of the concept of NFT. Then in 2022, it will officially promote the development of Oracle DAO and expand the compatibility and feasibility of our own ecology. The original intention is to integrate the development of DAO organization into the current life of you and me, so that the physical business economic activities and the blockchain virtual economic activities can be combined of both reality and virtual. Empowering new value for the concept of using DAO in the blockchain industry.


We are convinced that DAO will become a classic presence in the cryptocurrency market and this high-quality com- munity will be one of the key elements of the success of Web 3.0. Unlike traditional venture capital firms, Oracle DAO will be a community-based organization that will allow investors to be deeply involved in the development of all portfolio projects. Furthermore, DAO will gather diverse backgrounds of all community members, social capital, and relationship networks and other resources that can be fully developed for various Web 3.0 development and technology strategies, resulting in a new way of collaboration and investment. It fits well with our concept of creating a crypto community with a common vision and high-quality culture.
Oracle DAO's vision is to build a decentralized cross-dimensional connection between the real and virtual worlds for its community members by combining DEFI 3.0, DAO and NFT. To accomplish this goal, Oracle DAO will utilize the underlying blockchain technology to create a comprehensive DAO community for DAO, and use DEFI to enhance the industry chain within the ecosystem by attracting community members who share the same vision. Our Oracle Protocol will serve as a third-party intermediary, replacing CEFI with DEFI on the premise that all commu- nity members can access, monitor, and vote, and enabling on- and off-chain industries to achieve a co-prosperous community culture.


With the mission to establish a new industrial ecosystem that can be empowered through the combination of virtual and real world, Oracle DAO will unite outstanding community talents and resources, and follow the trend of Web 3.0 to develop a true Oracle DAO community with unlimited discovery and expansion of the ecosystem. The premise of Oracle DAO is to build an encrypted community with a common ideal culture, high quality, and highly transparent self-governance rights. Every DAO member will be a core contributor. The Oracle DAO’s team is also looking forward to attracting more professionals with the same vision to join Oracle DAO and contribute their expertise and cultural values to the community through all aspects of our efforts. Oracle DAO will start a journey with a mission and a promise to enable DAO organization to contribute to the virtual and physical economy and open up a new pattern, new directions and a new future for the development of DAO organizations.