Oracle Multichain Payment System

Oracle's ecology is all paving the way for great achievements in the future. The ultimate goal is to create a "World Class Multiple Cross Chain Payment System" that combines blockchain distributed accounting and decentralized cross-chain.
The core value of the payment system lies in the new decentralized blockchain Web 3.0 technology of "off-chain consumption, on-chain settlement", which is equivalent to the PayPal + Alipay cross-plat- form in the blockchain world, but it is just in a concept of decentralization.
In the near future, Oracle's cross-chain payment system can cover and span various traditional industries, including the financial field. For this reason, Oracle solemnly launched ORC, a value currency token that revolves around the Oracle ecosystem and supports the development of the real economy.
However, Oracle will not advocate on the main chain, but should combine all the existing main chains to cooperate with banks or investment banks in the real financial industry to realize off-chain consumption, on and cross-chain
settlement, and better endow ORC with a new value proposition.
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