OraSea NFT Virtual Economy Exchange

OraSea is a self-created virtual economic exchange, and its future business will cover many segments of the copyright industry, including but not limited to music, art, literature, images, videos, etc. In addition, adhering to the founding philosophy of Oracle DAO, OraSea also focuses on developing into an NFT exchange that integrates with the real world and is committed to promoting the operation of all NFT works with low cost, high circulation and reduced GAS fees. The most obvious benefit of NFT is the efficiency of market liquidity, the ability to mark physical artworks or digital ownership of digital assets on the blockchain, and the elimination of transaction intermediaries.

Integration of Virtual and Physical Transactions

The operation mode of combining virtual and real will infinitely expand the application scenarios of OraSea. In addition to being an original and secondary auction house for NFT, OraSea will also enter the real-world industries such as art, movies, concerts, fairs, sports events, real estate, etc. NFTs act as tickets or proofs of ownership, providing added value and convenience to community members. Today, with the rise of VR and AR, this next-generation network formed by technology is spreading among young people. OraSea not only allows users to create and define their own avatars and experience life in a virtual world, even also allows them to interact with other avatars and participate in various activities in virtual reality, such as creating content and trading virtual items.

Earning platform handling fee dividends by holding NFT

By using the Oracle Protocol in its ecosystem, an ORC can pledge and farm in the ORC ecosystem to revitalize the community's value flow and passively earn income, and receive a relative number of tokens as compensa- tion based on the number of tokens owned. NFT holders can stake NFT for mining, or invest in liquidity pools to earn handling fees dividends. The funds invested in the liquidity pool will be used for investment, post-earnings and handling fees.

Creator Referral to Earn at least 1% (RTE – Referral to Earn)

OraSea also introduced an innovative new revenue model where "user referred creators" participate in creating works to become NFT copyright owners and trade them within the platform. The user who refers the creator will receive additional trading profits.

User Referrals to Earn at least 1.25% (RTE – Referral to Earn)

Users who participate in OraSea can earn direct re- ferral income by recommending their relatives and friends, and even friends on the Internet to join Ora- Sea. When your referrals join and have also minted NFTs, as the referrer, you can also enjoy a share of the current handling fee dividends.

Stockholders Token Dividends

Being a stockholder of Oracle DAO, you are entitled to not only the basic fee bonus but also a share of the annual revenue of the organization. Naturally, as a shareholder, you will want to take the organization as your own more diligently, so as to ensure that the an- nual income can be greatly improved.

Profitable platform buyback and burning

Based on an exchange with clear and sustainable profitability, the ORC has active on-the-ground ap- plication support, a buy-back and burning mecha- nism, and a profitable business model with the plat- form's own traffic to drive the implementation of the projects. The token shares originally attributed to the team will be directly burnt, thus sharply reducing the total amount of tokens, increasing the circulation rate, and forming a deflationary economic model. The burning of the platform tokens is better than nothing, controlling supply and stimulating short-term demand.