DeFi, NFT and DAO's multitudes of wonders

A future-oriented DAO is a new way of organizational collaboration, which enables organizations to operate, govern and evolve themselves according to predefined rules without being controlled by centralized institu- tions by means of intelligent management tools and pass-through economic incentives. Specifically, DAO has both decision-making and execution capabilities. It can perceive the collective will of members, make decisions gen- tly and smoothly, and motivate members to cooperate in execution with minimal trust costs to achieve the collective goals of DAO by tokenizing decisions. Meanwhile, all the economic activities and rules of DAO are recorded on the blockchain without the involvement of third parties, which makes DAO highly independent. In short, DAO replaces the traditional power centre with smart contracts, and decentralized autonomy replaces the hierarchy, thus enabling the organization to achieve maximum efficiency and value flow. With these features, DAO may become the rising star to support Web 3.0.