Oracle DAO Foundation

The known economic activities of online industries such as metaverse, live streaming, and offline industries like real estate, stock investment, etc. are currently still in a state of separation of on-chain and off-chain. While the online industry lacks regulation and protection, the offline industry is in a state of constant strength.
The combination of online and offline industries has always been a Pandora's Box of the market, which is unknown but full of aspirations. In addition to some institutions tentatively conducting hybrid industry, the application sce- narios still have huge development space, and in a centralized management state, and have not really develop market potential. However, the emergence and popularization of DAO has gradually broken the current state of consolida- tion, and the port and the port that truly empowers high-quality industries has been opened.
The establishment of the first global decentralized autonomous organization foundation, Oracle DAO Founda- tion, is bound to break the existing virtual and conventional systems. The goal is to become the only global collection of all kinds of elites, on-chain voting to unlock funds, and off-chain will perform such as acquiring blue-chip enterprises or investing in related technology companies or pioneering in the field, etc.

Explanation of Oracle DAO Foundation Features Chart

Global Exclusive Virtual-Reality DAO Foundation

In the era of Web 3.0, the industry transmutation of the combination of virtual and physical appears more often. Through the metaverse, we are witnessing a perfect experience of the deep fusion of the virtual and physical.
There will be a deep integration between different industries, par- ticularly the industries with different forms. The originally clear-cut indus- try structure will be shattered and replaced by a new ecological system that is interconnected, collaborative and co-prosperous.

Multi-Signature Co-Managed Wallet

Co-managed wallets, as the name implies, is a practical wallet that are managed by multiple people based on the concept of blockchain multi- sign wallet. The specific explanation is that any new co-management content or consultation needs to be confirmed by multiple internal members before the operation is performed to ensure the security of assets.

Voting up the chain, Executing off the chain

Oracle DAO Foundation manages the flow of funds and corporate decision-making of all offline indus- tries through on-chain governance and off-chain execution, ensuring that every community member can participate in project development and work together to develop the market. Through on-chain voting decisions and off-line contributions of community members.

Investing in New Venture Capital (Venture Capital)

The Oracle DAO Foundation will conduct on-chain and off-chain crowdfunding through DAO. The new funds will be used to fund strategic investments, acquisitions, product development, and licensing of popular intellectual property such as into high-potential projects such as unicorn.

Investing in New Energy Ventures (Private Equity)

With the capital raised, Oracle DAO Foundation will further accelerate its growth by continuing to promote NFT applications and provide ample, digital asset-based services to play- ers. The new capital will also be used for further acquisitions, new product development, continued strategic investments, and additional licenses that will solidify its leadership such as investing in well-known tradition- al technology leaders such as Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft to empower the industry on all fronts.

Building an in-house team of lawyers and actuaries to ensure the protection of ODF

For the legality and scalability of each development project, Oracle DAO Foundation will establish its team of lawyers and actuaries to manage the funds with Gnosis multi-signature wallet co-managing, adhering to the principle of "DAO has its own rules", which are legal, transparent and fair on and off the chain.