Oracle Protocol First Innovative MTE / PoSuM Mechanism

The PoSuM mechanism is the unique core reward mechanism of Oracle DAO, which is used to implement community rewards and activate internal and external development of the ecosystem. The mechanism-based operation through smart contract constraints will create equal opportunities for every community member. Everyone will be equally rewarded for their contributions to the community.
The PoSuM mechanism in the Oracle Protocol will release the platform tokens - ORC incrementally over five years. As for the total circulation of ORC is 500 million, after the five-year period, the protocol will automati- cally put all the remaining tokens into the black hole for burning after 100 days. The value creation concept of the PoSuM mechanism lies in its constant issuance and anti-inflation characteristics , as well as its stable pledge rate of return.
The initial purchase of community NFT passes as proof of eligibility for ORC will provide the community with liquidity value and a great incentive for community development. A community can also build a diverse community with a strong knowledge reserve by continuously recruiting talented individuals to join the community through an incentive mechanism.
Through the PoSuM mechanism, the main purpose is to attract like-minded community members and to expand the influence of the community and enhance the activity of the platform. The community will be the strongest source of energy for Oracle DAO, and PoSuM will be responsible for balancing the reward scheme so that the community and each member are fairly rewarded.