The advantages of the PoSuM mechanism

Pledge Annual Return (APR) 60%

A community member can earn up to 60% APY by pledging ORC, while the community expands the privi- leges of DAO community members according to the corresponding contribution value, so that they can par- ticipate in the decision-making and development of the ecology in the organizations.

Community Team Annual Revenue

In addition to staking returns, community members can also obtain ORC tokens as rewards in the form of indi- vidual rewards or team rewards by promoting commu- nity development and making relative contributions to the industry ecosystem.

Anti-Inflation Ecological Model

Through the balanced control of the PoSuM mecha- nism, ORC is released in an intelligent, constant and constant manner to ensure a healthy value flow in the community and balances the inflation on and off the chain through a well-balanced control of the PoSuM mechanism, ensuring zero growth, and zero inflation, and zero devaluation.

Liquidity Pool (LP) + Co-Managing

Fundamentally, DEFI is a community of members work- ing together to provide greater liquidity to the market by pledging to various crypto-digital assets, becoming part of the market's liquidity pool. Oracle DAO’s com- munity members can also generate more ORC tokens through the liquidity pool, and work together to in- crease the demand for ORC.