OraSwap DEX Decentralized Exchange

OraSwap is a decentralized exchange derived from Oracle Dao and created on Binance Smart Chain and based on the development of community industry ecology. It is an important interface for Oracle DAO to enter the DEFI trading world, and realizes the centralization derived from the DAO organization. exchange. OraSwap also carries a variety of protocol mechanisms to provide users with multi-dimensional comprehensive DEFI trading services.

Swap Trading

ORC will become the first ecological token of Oracle DAO and will link trading services on OraSwap. ORC as a financial derivative is a product featuring leveraged credit trading on a variety of underlying assets or in- dices, including forwards, futures, swaps, and options, and includes hybrid financial instruments with one or more of the characteristics of both forecasts, futures, swaps, and elections. Thus, more ecological segments of token construction are derived as a solid foundation for the future.

Liquidity Provider

Oraswap will attract a large number of liquidity pro- viders to provide funds to become liquidity provid- ers as they can earn a generous token transaction fee as a liquidity provider. Therefore, more capital in the liquidity pool tends to mean better liquidity, larger trading volume, more stability in prices, and the liquid- ity provider is able to profit from more trading orders. We also offer liquidity rates that are higher than the 0.3% commission rate available in the market.

Yield Farming

The development of Oraswap must be indispensable for liquidity mining revenue, allowing users to obtain significant increased profits by pledging LP tokens (liquidity certificates) to earn ORC decentralized ex- change tokens derived from ORASWAP, which will be used for LP (liquidity certificates).

Billion Jackpot

Through the Billion Jackpot campaign, Oraswap will also use ORC tokens to create exciting rewards and opportunities to win huge ORC prizes. It will also spread awareness of the program and attract more players to the Billion Jackpot. The excitement of the community members will create abuzz and the value of the tokens will allow users to obtain unexpected lucky draws with the Billion Jackpot.

Cross-Chain Technologies

Blockchains require an infrastructure for asset chain interoperability, designed to be the ultimate router of Web 3.0 to meet the clear needs of different and diverse blockchain communications. Each blockchain has its own unique service and own community and development ecosystem. In order to bring our industry to the next level of the market, we need a fast, secure, inexpensive, and reliable way to exchange value, data and exert control across chains. Oraswap will be com- mitted to developing cross-chain technology to pro- vide users with the smoothest of cross-chain transac- tion experience.

Creation of diversified transactions to exchange tokens

The most important feature of a decentralized ex- change is certainly to exchange various currencies in Dex, with various liquidity mining pools, pledging LP profits, and trading different mainstream tokens. In the future, Oraswap will create a diversified trading platform to provide the smoothest trading service for users by allowing more mainstream currencies such as BNB, BTCB, ETH, UST, etc. to be exchanged on Oraswap.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization Coin Offering

DAOCO implies "Decentralized Autonomous Organization Coin Offering"
DAOCO will be a core element of Web 3.0 DAOs, making it easier for DAOs to conduct fundraising and crowdfunding token issuance, as well as an understanding of how their organization can coordinate the deployment of funds to achieve a project's mission. A simpler way for public blockchain players and investors to have more opportunities to support DAO projects with lofty visions and aspirations.

Explanation of DEX Decentralized Exchange Characteristics Chart