Top 8 Applications of ORC Tokens

Decentralized Token

The ORC token, like Ethereum and other block- chain tokens, is decentralized.
The distributed ledger model allows members of the community to truly control their assets, which can be used to store their value and increase access to global market. It is also issued in limited quantities to ensure that there will never be an additional issue to prevent inflation.

Pledging and earning (utilizing the PoSuM mechanism)

By pledging and farming in the Oracle ecosystem using the Oracle protocol, and activating the commu- nity value flow while passively earning income, ORC can be obtained as a reward according to the token ownership.
NFT holders can stake NFT for mining, or invest in liquidity pools to earn handling fees.
The funds invested in the liquidity pool will be used for investment, profit and handling fees. The funds invested in the liquidity pool will be used for invest- ment, post-earnings, and processing fees.

Accumulation of ORC tokens to become a core DAO member

When you have accumulated a certain number of ORC tokens, you will be promoted to a core mem- ber of the DAO.
After becoming a core member, you will have the right to make decisions in the Oracle DAO online and offline ecosystem and will be able to vote on any new projects with potential or the direction of investment development in the ecosystem.

Largest value token in the Oracle DAO ecosystem

ORC is the largest value token in the Oracle eco- system. In addition to voting, ORC is also the currency in circulation within the ecosystem.
It can also be used as a proof of identity in the crypto world and thus pass through the metaverse with an autonomous identity. In addition, ORC can also be used in the metaverse for spending, making it a multi-purpose token in the metaverse.

Offline spending with ORC tokens

ORC will be available for offline payment by en- crypted bank card, and will also be available to get a discount in the offline industry of the ecosystem.
When the OracleDAO ecosystem expands to offline, ORC will be popularized in the reality, and DAO mem- bers can use ORC to make purchases in the real-world physical stores.
Offline consumption summarizes various commodities and assets, ranging from buying a cup of coffee to buying a car and a house.

Consumption of Metaverse Entertainment Token

The Metaverse is part of the online consumption channel of the ORC chain industry and will open up the Metaverse consumption in the future to achieve the integration of on-chain and off-chain consumption.
Nowadays, Metaverse is becoming increasingly popular and numerous entertainments have been extended to Metaverse. DAO members can use ORC to participate in some entertainments in Metaverse by purchasing tickets with ORC for online concerts, online exhibitions, online ball games, etc.

Charitable Activities

Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many charities have begun to ac- cept cryptocurrency donations.
In addition to creating an excellent and comfort- able consumer ecosystem between virtual and reality, it is also our vision to spread warmth in different forms to every corner of the world.

Derivatives, Private Equity, Crowdfunding, and Bonds

Financial derivatives, private placement, crowdfund- ing, bonds and other derivatives are one of the oldest forms of financial contracts that exist in the market. Usually, the underlying assets used in derivatives include currencies, commodities, bonds, and stocks.
The birth of digital assets has created new options for derivatives trading and investment markets. ORC can be used in private placements, crowd- funding, bonds, and many more.
If you have an investment project in mind, such as hotels, land, etc, you can also use ORC to fund it.